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PostgreSQL 10 Features: Parallel Queries

This is the second story of the series “PostgreSQL 10 features”, you can read the first story “Hash indexes” if you missed it.

We are approaching to the final release of PostgreSQL 10, now I will talk about “Parallel Queries”, like the Hash indexes in the previous post, Parallel Queries it’s not an entirely new feature, but in PostgreSQL 10 there is an Improved Query Parallelism.

With 9.6, PostgreSQL introduces initial support for parallel execution of large queries. But it’s not enabled by default and only covers parallel execution of sequential scans, joins and aggregates.

PostgreSQL 10 Features: Hash Indexes

PostgreSQL 10 it’s coming soon, so I will write some small posts about new features in this amazing release of the most advanced open source database.

This are not a deep dive into the features, just a general overview of the new features coming in the new version.

PostgreSQL provides several index types: B-tree, Hash, GiST, SP-GiST, GIN and BRIN. In this post, I would like to talk about Hash indexes in PostgreSQL, this is not an entirely new feature, in fact PostgreSQL support Hash indexes since very ancient versions of PostgreSQL, from what I can tell, they can be older than PostgreSQL 7.2 (February 2002), so what’s the “new” with this?